Nancy Barr March 26, 2015




The Age of Aquarius and all of its coming changes, will challenge our ability to Trust what we know; what we think we know; what we discover; what others think they know; and will affect everyone and life on this planet. Those who have developed a host of belief systems, concepts, and base their lives on the belief systems of others, and not personal experience, may be in for a shock.


My intention is not to scare anyone, but to alert everyone and suggest that one should maintain an open mind and have willingness to change and step into this Golden Age.  It is going to be very interesting. I am sure for many, the changes are already happening. The purpose of this shift is to make everyone aware that we, the human race, are not limited. Our Spirits will be free from the imprisonment of the “I don't knows.”  The last age dealt a lot with information which was not necessarily true. The key words were “I believe.”  This next age is about self- discovery and knowledge--the key words are: “I know.” It is about new experiences that allow for growth and understanding of self, relationships with others, and one’s Higher Power. This age re-introduces us to wonderment of seen, unseen, known, unknown, and material, non-material that cannot help but to expand our awareness, and consciousness. This opportunity is like a child opening up a Christmas or birthday present, going to a fun park, to a museum, or to a “Disney” movie. This age is about observation.


While many of us have strong ties that encourage us to stay in the past, this will not work. Time marches on. The integration of this new energy may be faster than we might expect. Things are speeding up for a reason. There are reasons why many of the television programs and movies are expanding our mind-sets.


Years ago, I use to hear some students say after meditating that: “I am not having an experience.” I use to tell them, there will be a time your problem won't be you are not having an experience, but will be handling the experience you get. I think that time is NOW.


Many went through the housing chaos. It seemed devastating, at first, then many felt freed, and obtained a new home. Jobs that were lost got replaced. People that had relationships that ended with the feeling that “there will never be another,” were pleasantly surprised that someone else turned up that was wonderful. Those who got stuck, stubborn, and would not adapt, may have endure their broken hearts longer than they needed to.


So how do we know how to trust ourselves much less others? Added to this mix are the new things in our experience that we had no idea would occur, or could not even imagine would occur.


Trust is the foundation of all our feelings, and mental stability. It is the floor that we stand on. With so many beliefs we have learned now shown as untrue, or distorted, how does one trust when they have been burned so many times? Trust is about learning, and experiencing. Instead of basing our lives on a perception of good or bad, right or wrong, what if one were to view life as what works or does not work?


There is a High Truth Energy coming to this planet that will help us recognize and handle our lives with “grace.” We were not born to be ignorant or limited, but to be enlightened and in “grace.” Some people think that “knowing” is only for a few, and the “special.” Why would The Holy Parents leave any of their children suffering and blind without a solution?


If you do not trust yourself, then you may not understand the process that builds trust. If you don’t trust others, you may have placed your faith in something that has not been true. You may have formed your own concepts and adopted the ideas of others, instead of exploring and letting things unfold. Concepts are man-made, not God made, and will change and eventually fail. Truth is not always what you or someone else thinks. Just because many people, groups, media, or philosophies believe the same, does not make it truth.


Your experience may be your truth, and we are not clones, so it may be personal to you. The Universal Laws are true and stay true, while everything else changes.  Having a concept does not make it trustworthy. Our world today is challenged with trust issues, because we continue to put faith in that which has proven untrustworthy.


Here is a process of steps that we go through when learning what to Trust adapted from “The Course of Miracles:”


Period of Undoing:

This phase can be painful.  In this phase, our attachments and concepts are challenged. There may be fear that there will be a major loss and that things will be taken away. There will be questioning as to what is valuable or not. Changes will happen outside of us until we recognize the lessons. When we realize that the lessons have value and are here to help us, then we move on to the next step. (When I realized that the lessons got harder and harder, it motivated me to become a “good” student. I was tired of the pain!


Period of Relinquishment:

In this phase, you give up ego and desire for that which intentionally or unintentionally brings conflict and pain. You may have a feeling of sacrifice, but will realize that the old way has no value.  Completing this, you may feel relief and lightheartedness. If you can let go, you are like a child letting go of something that was hurting you. 


Period of Settling Down:

It is now rest time or a pause. You are now reviewing and going over what you have learned. You start finding people, and those that have had a similar experience, and are of like beliefs and interest. From this point on, you are not alone.


Period of Unsettling:

You realize that you had no idea of what was valuable or not worthy. You know that you want only what works. You surrender. You have rid yourself of judgment and the concept of sacrifice. You realize that you need to “Ask” for what you want based on what you have learned.


Period of Achievement:

You possess a solid “knowing” that you can count on in stress and peace. There has been learning and a constant searching for your truths. You will have what you need and want for the right reasons. Faith and Honesty will be your future.  To do this, we need to be open-minded and discern from our hearts. Trust comes from the experience of “Knowing,” not from “Believing.”


I, for one, “trust” that we will all learn what we need to know sooner or later...hopefully sooner because it is so much more fun! Exploring the incredible adventure that we were meant to have in this life.

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