Posted July 5, 2020 

New TV Show Casting Real Estate Experts and Life Coaches

Auditions in Indianapolis Indiana, Actors & Singers for "Dreaming A City"

Auditions in Baltimore for TV Pilot "High Stakes"

Casting Call for Seventeen's Bestie Picks Bae Remote Edition

Casting Call in Singapore for Mandarin Speaking Actors

Casting Call for New NBC Game Show "Small Fortune" in Los Angeles / SoCal Area

Casting Contractors for Major Cable Network Home Renovation Reality Show

Casting Call for New Dating Show in Chicago Area

Models / Dancers in Alta Dena, CA for Hip Hop Music Video (L.A. Area)

New York City Casting Call for Lead Roles in Film "Ashton"

UK Casting Call for Short Film "Persuasive"

Actors in NYC for Web Series "The Opal Office"

NYC Casting Call for Families That Have Verizon Wireless

New Ken Jeong Hosted Show Casting Terrible Singers in SoCal

Auditions for Indie Film Project in Edmonton, AB Canada

Auditions in Kansas For Sci-Fi Fan Film

Casting Actress in Miami for Social Media Project

Video Casting Call for Poem Video

Auditions in Sydney Australia for "Dorothy"

Casting Spokeswoman in Los Angles

Hosts and Improv Actors for Comedic Show in Chicago

Actors in France for Independent Feature Film

Modeling Job in Atlanta Georgia

Actress / Model in NYC for Music Video Project

Casting New York Area Singles for Netflix Show "Love Is Blind"

Actors in L.A. for Short Remake of Willy Wonka

Casting Princess Performers for Events in Spokane, WA

Casting Chefs and Home Cooks for Dishmanted Season 2 in NY Tri State Area

The Abbey Road Touring Band Holding Auditions for A Paul McCartney Singer

Reality Show Casting REAL People in SoCal With Interesting Homes

Casting People Who Are Buying A Home With Friends or Family

A little about GET A CLUE...Hosted by Rob Belushi, GET A CLUE is a fast-paced, high energy clue game in which two teams compete to see who can successfully guess the most answer words before time runs out. In each round, teams will receive a list of answer words they get to play. The fun starts as the first player gives clues to the second player until they guess the correct word, then the second player gives clues to the third player, and so on, until the team either guesses all the words in the category or runs out of time. The team with the most points advances to the bonus round to play for $10,000. They'll have 60 seconds to guess eight words but the entire team has to stay on their toes because the clue givers, and guessers, change randomly with every new word.

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