I thought I would write about what I think is a major choice that we are all facing in this “Special Time” on Earth.  I am sure I am not the first or the only one who sees the present as a crucial time to make a choice.


Everything starts in thought.  Thought has a frequency of vibration.  All vibrations have rhythm.  One side of the duality of this basic choice leads us to “life.” The other leads us to destruction.  We cannot be in both sides at the same time.  The choice of Life is totally opposite to that of evil, and darkness.  If you are in a dark room, and you light a candle, the room cannot stay dark.  The sun comes up each day and the night disappears.  When you choose life, the darkness also disappears.  There are those who are unaware of this choice and think that it is too late to choose or that they have plenty of time and have many excuses not to make a choice.  While this may or not be so, things are changing all around us, and moving very quickly.  We make this choice every day and in every moment that we exist in this world.  We are affected by our choice which may often be made by someone else or something other than ourselves.  This is a very basic subject that is of a dual nature here on earth.  Rather than suffer the results from not making a choice or making a choice by accident, default or manipulation, I hope that if I consciously recognize the choices I am faced with and discern how it will affect me, then I have a better chance of making a decision that has the kind of results that I want.  The basic choice facing all of us is to choose between the lower vibration or the one of the highest vibration which is all of our birthrights to experience.


Characteristics of the Lower Vibration of Death Are:


Seduction, arrogance, abusive and manipulative control, chaos, confusion, unprovoked attacks, false discernment, domination, false pride, rebellious and humiliating put-downs, defamation of reputations and image, destructive, back-stabbing, two-faced behavior, undoing, manipulative, unconscious lies, deception, abuse, hatred, cold hearted, vengeance, distrust, disrespect, overly aggressive, unrepentant, false power, evil, no humility, intimidation, overly harsh criticisms with the intent to injure, resenting anyone of any kind higher or above itself, rejects, stirs up turmoil, loves and seeks to exploit other’s weaknesses, gains information to use against another for their destruction or injury,  using any tool to gain control, loves power at all costs, does not understand or know real love, engaging in self-pity to use to control others, attention seeking at all costs, promotes religion of the flesh and self-worship, blames others, warring spirit, breaks up relationships, bossy, easily offended, extreme anger, intolerance, does not respect other opinions, will cast anyone aside after they serve their usefulness, fosters no-win situations, cannot be pleased, never satisfied, cannot apologize and does not mean it if they do, will say anything to get control, will sap energy, sarcastic, unrealistic, will work through anyone to cause chaos, traumatizes, will change subject or not answer questions directly, hides and cover-ups situations, hates their victims and hosts which will eventually destroy them, makes someone feel powerful and then pulls the rug out from under them to cause suffering,  uses others to do their bidding and as a sacrifice, will copy any and all religions and belief systems and twist them for their own purposes, creates slaves for its own good, looks for those who are vulnerable, weak, confused, and hurt, projects fear and anger to dominate, always has a selfish motive, false beauty, can say and copy religion and falsely portray spirituality, but will undo it in an opposite way, does not blink an eye lying, sows seeds of poison, victim mentality, takes greed, power, and vanity for itself, and teaches limitation to masses, schemes destruction, gossip, defames, promises and betrays, cannot do good for others without a price to pay, will use confusion to cover its deeds and put the blame on the innocent, and will do everything it can to feed off of your energy and will defame others to have others view them, with higher esteem.


We all at one time or another exhibit some of these characteristics and have experienced them by others. Things are complicated and tricky.  I personally think we get a lot of help from energies that do not have our best interests at heart.  It is not easy here on the earth right now.  Lower energy cannot create and feed on its own creations, so must steal it from the living.  They exist in their own delusion which will not last and is not born of the Eternal Truth.


Characteristics of Higher Vibration of Life:


One who seeks to know its unique Self, and model itself after characteristics of the Christ Energy and the Eternal Creator.  The characteristics of these individuals are the opposite of those mentioned above.  The true nature of spirit inherited the potential of “all that is.”  Our spirits on earth are pieces of a vast whole, much like a drop from an ocean. The true nature of the Higher Vibration is unlimited, free, loving, truthful, full of wisdom, joy, rhythm in harmony, compassion, mercy, goodness, justice, righteous, inner beauty, knowledge, complete but always expanding, interrelating with the cosmic laws that never change, fearless, purposeful in living, full of eternal love and life force, impartial, unselfish, upholds life, void of negativity, and embodies the essence of true unconditional love.  Any judgment arises from love and compassion. 


I have made a pact with myself. I have had the higher experience for two years when I was in Florida, and variations of such ever since. Bliss was so much fun, and magical. I don’t want to make mistakes that hurt myself, and others.  I want to be free from the slavery of suffering. 


Now for the hard part.  To attain this state again, I am unlearning everything false that I learned, in order to know Truth.  I am willing to give up my false identity of whatever ego programmed me to be, and just be what I really am.  I have no desire to judge, or control anyone, or to delude myself into thinking that I know what anyone else should do to learn what they need to learn.  I just don’t like the first list and now seems like a good time to make that choice.  I have no problem asking for help and guidance.  So any prayers directed at me toward that end are always welcome. This is… my choice. 


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