Life is interesting.  The characters that we play in a lifetime are also interesting.  How does one choose their life’s script?  My curiosity of Frank Sinatra is one of those characters that just don’t seem to go away.  How did he choose to come here and live a life, where people hang onto his music, and personality, even after death? 


 The public's fascination, and enjoyment just goes on and on.Such was the case when I attended Frank the Man the Music at the Venetian Theater.  Talented, Bob Anderson, a famous and incredible impressionist, starred in a one-man show of Frank Sinatra’s life and music.  The theater was filled with people who loved Anderson, and came to see Frank in the “flesh,” and they were the same person.


I never saw Sinatra when he was alive, unlike some of my friends.  I have heard many stories since I have been here in Vegas.  There are many who sing Sinatra songs, and impersonate Frank.  My initial thought was: another Frank impersonator?  Nice, but no big deal.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Bob Anderson had Frank down to a tee, through hours of hard work.  The voice and look were amazing.  I felt I was watching a show with Sinatra.  


The music of thirty two musicians is something you do not see anymore; much less get a chance to enjoy.  I love Vince Falcone as a person, and a conductor.  Who else would be there, since Vince was with Sinatra when he was a star?  It all seemed surreal.  


Back to my curiosity.  What motivates such a talented star such as Bob Anderson to go to all that work and effort, to impersonate another incredible star with consistent accuracy for 90 minutes?  It is amazing that Sinatra still draws that kind of respect. The audience came to watch a man they admired, imitate another man that they loved, and I did not have to miss a chance to see Frank after all.  Interesting world!