If ignorance is bliss, why are so many people unhappy?  I understand that there is another meaning for the quote; however the expression reminds me of an epidemic running through our lives.  If I mentioned to someone that they are ignorant, they would likely take it as an insult.  But if you take the core word out of ignorance, you will have the wordignore.  The opposite of ignorance might be considered knowledge.  We have no shortage of information these days. You can know a lot of information, but that does not necessarily make you wise.  Technology today has bombarded us with information unlike any other time. With all of this information available to us, why are lives in so much turmoil in spite of incredible advances since the 1950s?

We ignore many things that could change our lives in a better way.  If we ignore these things long enough, it will lead us to obstacles, and unhappiness.  This is where ignorance comes in.  Most of us do not want problems on purpose.  We fall into them, because we do not know better.  I am going to tell a story.  The story was turned into a play that had many characters, and many scenes.

Time was invented so that the soul could practice freely their creative ideas through cause and effect.  The soul walked into a play (a reality show), to learn the meaning of his creation.  The soul had an overseer, called High Self, or Spirit that would be there to help, if asked.  The operative words here are…if asked.  Time is mind, and was given to the soul to learn using free will, and to not have as many consequences of what the soul created.  On earth, the young soul was given a beautiful place to practice what they needed to learn.  It was originally set up, much like a safe place for the soul.  The safe place, allows the soul to explore in an environment, with minimal harm.

Here is where the plans got changed, or the computer program was interfered with.  In the play, someone came into the room, and took the soul out of the safe place.  It would be similar to older, and more advanced, beings deciding that they wanted the young souls to do their bidding.  The advanced aliens or visitors were jealous of the younger souls, and wanted what was given to the planet this beautiful planet for themselves.  The older beings were resentful of the Source, for what they perceived to be a slight.  The advanced aliens forgot that they wasted, and misused, all of what was given to them, and now wanted to steal the inheritance of the younger souls.

The older advanced being’s selfishness and fear led them to their downfall. The advanced visitors decided that they would tamper with the souls.  In ignorance, the older aliens decided their free-will should override the Creator and the child’s rights.  The young soul would not behave, and was too unruly, and animal-like to do the older sibling’s biddings…inside the soul knew it did not want to be a slave, and it was to be free.  Being enslaved brought much stress to the young souls, and they would not obey.  The advanced siblings were very clever.  They came up with a plan to hack into the matrix program, and tampered again with the soul’s memory.  They advanced the soul’s evolution, so it would make a better slave.

That did not work, because now the souls were too smart, and would not follow the alien’s commands. The advanced souls tampered again with the earth soul’s memory.  This time they were not able to delete the programming, once it was done, so they had to block it.  This would be similar to someone taking over the computer in your house, hacking in on the program, and rewriting the programs, and applications.  The alien hackers would use malware, or spyware, to make sure that the false program stayed in place, as the souls evolved.   Let’s just call it brain-washing.

Now the earth souls had two gods.  One Source was the original one, the Creator, and the other one was the source reprogrammed in the hacked application.  There were two Gods.  One source was the god of fear, and the other source was the God of love. One god taught separateness, and ego, while the Creator taught unity, and oneness. Inside the soul had the Spirit that could not be reprogrammed or contaminated.  The Spirit was real and alive.  The false gods were so advanced, that many of the earth souls thought they were gods, and fell victim to the religion of fear.

The Creator knew the soul’s journey would be a long one, but in the end, they would be far advanced in wisdom, and would embrace the bliss that was their inheritance.  Advanced highly evolved souls, who were teachers, volunteered to help the younger souls, by reminding them of the Creator, and who they really are. They came to show the soul the way back through free-will to the dignity that they were born to have.  Now there are two sets of advanced beings dealing with the souls.  One manipulating in fear, and one teaching the way back to their freedom, and likeness to the Creator.  Each soul must decide for himself, what is true or false.

Yes, the Creator stepped in, but the program was written for a play of free-will.  The unruly advance siblings, had their energy taken away, not allowed to advance any further and were destined to get the results of their own creation.  The Creator knew that His children would come through the journey, and would wake-up knowing who they are.  They would walk out of ignorance, and into bliss.  It would be a dangerous journey, but it would work.  One of the biggest obstacles would be their innocence.

Deep inside of us is a yearning for peace, joy and happiness. We want to find the way out of this maze of suffering.  We need to be the warrior, to fight the ignorance, and stop ignoring the incredible gift we are, and the play we were given to learn.  Inside we know, outside we believe.  When they match up, we become wise.

Yes, I am just a story teller, or maybe not.  I once wrote a children’s tale about the Easter bunny retiring.  The new position was open to those who could paint the most beautiful, creative eggs. It was a dog with floppy ears, not a rabbit, who won.  Breaking tradition created quite a dilemma. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

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