Nancy Barr



Time is often described as a measurement. It started when we noticed that the sun came up and went down. Now we run our lives by clocks. Time is an illusion. Five minutes can seem like an hour, or an hour can seem like five minutes. So what is time? Why does it exist in this material world? Why do we think time is moving faster? Why do some think time is running out? How do we waste time? How do we make good use of time? Why do I age with time? How do I make time stand still?


The Story, fact or fiction?


Billions of years ago, souls had the power to create by just a thought. Whatever a soul thought, turned into an instant manifestation. We were immature co-creators that manifested without wisdom and knowledge of the consequences of our thoughts.


Many were attracted to the book, “The Secret,” and other how-to manifest teachings. Imagine, if whatever you think manifests into instant creation and materializes. That is what happens, except it is not instant. We get what we think.Sooner or later it manifests.


A plan was created to teach us how to manifest what we wanted, without destruction and undoing. It is called our material world and the journey into illusion. The plan was based in evolution. The co-creators would understand all sides of creation and learn how to be responsible for what they created. It may be similar to-on-the-job-training. In order for that to happen, souls were given free-will. They would still be able to manifest what they wanted, but it would be done in a dream or illusion. Souls would come into a material world to learn.


What happened billion of years ago, started to have consequences, when the creations did not uphold the Universal Law.Some creations became infiltrated with undoing and destructive purposes. It was decided that souls would enter the dimension of time and space. Some might call it, cause and effectkarma, or “let’s think about this and try it out before we decide what we manifest for real.” It was a journey of life, of trial and error. Co-creators would journey in time and space, and experimenting with their thoughts.


Time and Space gives us a chance to learn, and take responsibility of what we create in our life. So many have written and conjectured what is time. I am not sure how many understood that Time is Mind. They are the same. Time and mind are synonymous’. We are what we think. We get what we think. The sooner or later, is time. The setting and character of how we learn is space.


This is a difficult concept for many. I was given grace by allowing my soul to walk into an illusion of time, in order to learn what I needed to learn, in order to co-create my life in a way that works for me, and not against me. Here is the“illusion” word again. I will write more on that later. Think of this as a play, dream or a reality show.


What time is it? Time to wake-up! If time is mind, and my space is a dream, much like walking into a television sitcom, in order to play out a part that will teach me what I need to learn, then what does this mean-Wake-up? Is the sitcom over, or is it being re-written for a new season? I need to understand the purpose of why I am here, or I will be really stressed and anxious. This is where most people are. They are being pressured by time and space, and don’t understand why and what to do about it.


A lot of us are wasting time. We are not learning how to create what we really want to have in our life, much less, what is good for us. We have been taught that we are not to know how to create, and have accepted that there is nothing we can do about it. We are the victims. Or it goes to the other extreme, where we feel that we need to control, and create for everyone, even if it is against their will. So many people are in pain, drugged, confused, suffering and struggling. Many barely exist, much less are learning the purpose of their life. Who has time? Your mind does! Your mind keeps going no matter what, and that is the same as time. Our mind and time just keep rolling along until you learn to slow it down, and even stop it. How do we spend and get the value of this time/mind combo, especially in today’s chaos and heart-breaking existence of our concepts being destroyed?


There is a lot of speculation about the year 2012. Some say the world is ending. Some say it is the end of time.Perhaps it is the old way of thinking, and creating what does not work, done in time that is ending. We are at the end of an age. This is major! The clean-up or editing of this age, is here. Time is running out for the Pisces age that represented water and fish. Fishing for the answers is almost over and replaced by the Golden age of Knowingthe answers.


CONTROLING TIME: Continued next column