People have been asking me if I think the world is going to end this year. I have been asked my opinion on what I think is going to happen, so I decided to write on the meaning of the end of time, and the changes that are needed to get through the shift of this coming age.


Some of you may have already noticed a sense of uplifting around January 1. You may have felt things were going to be okay, optimistic, and a sense of peace. Some of you may feel numb, like nothing is happening, and you are going no where. You just don’t feel like yourself. For some, it may feel like a review of your life, and pulling up old feelings and events. It will feel like time is speeding up. There may be a restlessness, feeling of making some kind of change, of doing something to help mankind. If one looks with their five senses only, there may be a feeling of fear of what the future holds with the economy, your freedom, social unrest, earth changes, and epidemic health problems. I believe there will be changes in all of these arenas.


2012 adds up to a 5 in numerology. Five can mean change. The biggest problem that I see for many people will be changing one’s concepts, attitude towards us, others, life’s purpose, and the power to manage our life. We may not be able to control everything that comes our way, but we can control much of how we handle what comes into our lives.How do we do that? By the way we think.


Many of us do not like change. We may think of change as an obstacle. We can forget that change brings opportunity, and a path to get us where we need to go. Because of change, we can get rid of things that are not for our good. It is difficult to realize the opportunities at the time when we are going through uncharted territory, especially after we have been programmed in our limitation for thousands of years. I believe that this an incredible time, unlike any other age.


We can be attached to this material world that causes pain. People, who lose their homes, partners, financial status, and loved ones, are often in shock at the havoc and suffering. Yet we can lose freedom, and our true rights as a spirit being and not realize the loss that has occurred. When we wake up, something starts to stir inside of us, and we start to question what this life is really about. Who am I? Will I ever be happy, and get what I want?


It all depends on how we think and feel. We have a habit of concentrating on what we don’t want, more than our right to manifest what we do want. If I think in fear, it leads to a result of getting what I think…more problems. Fear brings pain. The alley of narrow thinking can lead us to being inflexible, intolerant, controlling, and steeped in doubt, fear, selfishness, believing in separateness, setting up limitation, lack, and loss. In the lower matrix of fear, the teachings lead to suffering, taking on the role of a victim, and our own mind sabotaging our lives. One will need to learn to think “out of the box,” and for themselves, instead of in mass consciousness of fear. The more we come from fear, doubt, and low energy thinking, the more difficult life will be for us.


There is a major shift. It will require changing the way we think, which influences what happens to us.No, I do not think the world is ending. Time, as we know it, is ending.


Time and Mind is the same thing. Mind and time are the same. When prophesies hint that time will end, I personally feel that means, time, as we know it. Negativity, in the material world we call the third dimension, is ending with the Pisces Age. The new age of Aquarius begins. The Age of Aquarius is called the Golden Age, and marks our return and shift back to the Source, or God. The new age requires vibrating faster, and ascending. What that means for us is, we are graduating to a joyful, happier, peaceful, unity of love with the Creator.


The next realm is where dark, or slow vibrating energy, cannot go. For the first time in billions of years, dark energy has no future. It will not be able to vibrate fast enough to go into the next realm. The lower energy will have to drop away.


Past and future are the same. Thought of the past are repeated in the future. Past and future are an illusion. They are memories, and projections of memory, that we call perception or concept. Thinking on this level is limiting and bias, because it is based on perception of each person’s experience, past lives, and perception of mass consciousness. It will always be limited compared to the God or Universal Mind of the heart. What ever took place in our memory, happened originally in the present time or the “now.” The demoted ones of dark, have changed history, mislead, and stifled memory perception. So dark owns the past to some extent.


There is no longer a future for evil, so it has to resort to the past. It can no longer exist off of energy of its own in order to survive. Demoted lower entities must steal energy to exist. Let’s see…why is there stress, and false teachings? Because of all of the evil, the dark has created more difficulty in this next shift. It will be difficult for many to let go of false teachings, and habits. For some, this will seem devastating. They will have difficulty, when they discover that what they have learned may have holes in it, much like a sieve with their beliefs running out like water onto clay. This shift may shake people to their core, but will bring them to who they really are, and out of suffering. Some of us are so deep in amnesia, it takes a “two-by-four” to hit us over the head in order for us to wake up.


Those who manifest from love in the high matrix will be able to adapt, and avoid much of the problems of this shift.Those who ask for direction will get a lot of help, as long as it is not done in the matrix of fear that belongs to evil’s creation. Ascension means raising our vibration to the space of love, joy, peace, harmony, truth. We do not have to leave the planet in order to do this…“As in heaven is on earth.” If someone is finished with what they need to do here, yes, they may leave.


The present moment is the only reality, and time stops. When one experiences in the now, time stops. Time stops while meditating, or going within. If you want to have anti-aging routine, be in the now, present, conscious, and aware of your experience, without stress, and it will be the fountain of youth. You will vibrate in a higher dimension that lets you manifest magically what you need and want. This can be done in seconds, by changing thought.


Thoughts are energy. Emotion powers thought. Unfortunately, our thinking has been contaminated with low energy, and dark influences. It is limited by our own individual selfish perception of separation, called ego. Everything is Spirit energy. The dark energies came from Spirit, but through destructive actions, they demoted their energy to a low level. If it gets too low, then the personality has to be eliminated, and returned back to Spirit.


The Source comes from the void of pure stillness of creative energy of love, peace, and harmony. Spirit in the thought of creation, vibrates. It vibrates at different speeds, depending on what matrix we are in. The lower matrix was set up to be a duality of fear and love. Most of this earth is now based in fear, and the higher matrix is what we are attempting to get back to. One cannot be in both the low matrix and the high matrix at the same time. That means each of us will have to eventually make a decision, and through our own freewill, which God do we choose. We are in a place where we will have to make a choice, and there will be no “sitting on the fence.” We are a decision away from everything we want. It is similar to taking a final exam in a course of study. The lower vibration can not graduate to the next level. In order to move on, we have to decide, and vibrate with the new energy. For this reason, the changes are taking place.


We are being offered a wonderful thing called Grace. I do believe we are being invited to move out of suffering, and into a dimension of magical wonderment. We were built for joy and peace. Stopping time means that we go within where the Source resides, and connect to the higher mind of our heart. By looking inside, and finding out “who” we are, we will break the chains of suffering and set ourselves free. Each will have to do this individually. The choice will need to yours, or it will not be the Creator who sets you free. Life spans will be much longer in the next age, because of the reduction of stress. The shift will take place over a shadow of time. The faster we catch on to the high matrix, and ignore the low matrix, the better off we will be.


I will write more on these topics later. So for now…


Become the fountain of youth …stop time! Be free.


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