I believe 2011 will bring awareness of the many changes that need to be made, in order to bring us to a place where things make sense, and we live in a happier and joyful existence. We are at the end of an age. We are leaving the age of Pisces and entering the dawn of Aquarius. What does that mean? I feel that means “clean-up.” We are to summarize what we know to be true and discard what is not. I feel there will be change in some cases. What is not real will have to fade away, and what is real will stay. Some of this change will be taken out of our hands. What do I need to know, and what actions do I need to take, in order to move into the higher and a better existence on this earth?


The Pisces age was about believing. We were taught and had many concepts that may not be accurate. Some of the beliefs have not held up to the highest good for all. Some teachings suggest that we are to wait until we die, and go straight to “heaven” before we know joy and happiness. Whatever happened to the teachings of “heaven on earth”? The material world is chaotic and not always pleasant. The same ideas have been passed down for eons, and we are still suffering. The Real Masters and True teachings were very simple and direct. Such as, “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Or how about, “truth is within” and “know thy self.” Truth and knowledge does not change over time. TheReality will not change in this next age. If True Masters were here, I believe they would say the same thing in an updated version. The operative thought is “what they said,” not what was changed by those who wanted selfish agendas to rule. The Truth is not ego based in selfishness.


We are not always good at knowing and telling the difference between lies and truth. I have heard people say, “no one will really know the truth.” We better! This world is full of lies that affect our lives daily. If one is talking about the ego’s version of truth, then no, we will not get a handle on that concept, and it will be changed in order to suit selfishness.The real truth has been diluted many times over. Lies do not follow the matrix of love, and evolving as individuals. Some teachings do not empower the individual to become whole and strong in the laws of Truth. We have been taught to accept and tolerate what is not true. How many things do we know are wrong, and that they do not work, yet we continue to support them passively or intentionally? I am not talking about changing things by doing the same thing.Changes have to happen within an individual, before they are affective on the outside. Breaking God’s law to fix one, is insanity. Most of us do not even understand the laws of this matrix. We have forgotten. It is about knowing who I am, and what inheritance the Creator gave me as Spirit.


The Pisces age was about believing and, the Aquarius age is about Knowing. There is a big, big difference between believing and knowing. It is about taking the layers off of beliefs, and actions, that are not accurate and don’t work for our highest good. We are like a diamond with many facets. Before the diamond is discovered, it was coal compressed over time. It is so strong that it can shape and cut through the hardest surfaces. We value it because of its beauty. We are that diamond. We have been compressed through billions of years. Many think that this life is just new in the last million years. Life and our universe is billions and billions of years old, and it’s still around! So are we! This is the year for many to remember and know who you really are.


There is much talk about the coming of 2012. It is my opinion that this year 2011, may be one of the most important years of this whole age. I predict that for many, who have gone through a lot, and learned how valuable they are, will make a decision. When they decide to live without ego running their life, they will see things coming together in spite of what is happening on this material earth. They will have a different reality. They will know and see changes coming and prepare for it or, adverse changes will not happen to them.


The Aquarius Age ushers us into the Golden Age of love, wisdom and purity. We all have that ticket inside of us to move forward. It has been placed there for safe keeping. In my opinion, it is time to take that ticket out and use it.


This changing of age is important, and I am not sure how subtle this change will be this time. I sense that it is a critical time of decision making. Our concepts have been broken down, and we are much like “Humpty Dumpty,” who fell off the wall trying to put our lives back together again. The real blueprint is still intact. If we make a few changes in the way we look, think and feel about things, we can be restored back to the inheritance that we were meant to have. The price is difficult sometimes. The past and future is the same thing. We must let go of the past that shapes our future in a destructive way. This next age is learning how to do that.


Most of us are seeking security. Much of what we put our faith in has brought us to an insecure, chaotic place. Insecurity may be the gift, because it creates an environment to search for the right answers, and we are forced into change. We are to have a wonderful, joyful life. We were created for this and it is time to manifest it now and not wait until we die.Everyone has the right to change and know the truth, no matter what they have done in the past. The future changes as we know the Truth and live it. Banish the fear or the ego and stand up and be the incredible Being that we are capable of. The Creator is not poor nor does the God lack Wisdom. That Wisdom is inside of all of us and it is the Dawn of Aquarius…Thank God!


My next series will be on these issues.