Went to see Terry Fator; and all I have to say is:

Terry Fator

Terry Fator

Terry Fator

You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!


Sad to say I am one of the people that haven’t kept up with America’s Got Talent or American Idol. I am a year late in catching up with Glee but have kept up to “So You Think You Can Dance” in the last couple of years. Keeping up in general has become a baffling experience so some TV shows fall into the category of “In My Next Life.” That being said I had not seen Terry on TV and wasn’t exactly gung ho about seeing him. That falls into the category of: “If I have to add one more thing on my list…My next life will come sooner than expected.”


So off I go to see Terry Fator at the Mirage and this is what happened to me….What I am most impressed with in life is talent…performing arts talent, art talent, talent, talent, talent. Wouldn’t get out of bed to see Paris Hilton (sorry Paris) except maybe to see her size 13 feet in open toes sandals…oops I digress. Anyway back to the point…so not interested in Paris but would walk 10 miles…okay okay 5 miles to see Patti La Belle (1/4 mile if I were wearing high heels.) And crawl for Luther Vandros when he was alive.


Terry Fator is talented; really really talented. There have been many ventriloquists that I have admired. Ron Lucas and Wayland Flowers come to mind…although I’m not sure Wayland would be considered a ventriloquist…Wayland’s Madame character and Crazy Mary still live in my heart as does Wayland. And the one thing I am not doing is comparing…not at all. Each of these men holds their own individual “wonderfulness” in the “Mega Talent Pool;” All of them hugely talented and all very very different.


Nope I’m not playing the comparison game (which could be responsible for the demise of western civilization….anther time for us to discuss that…I digress again…) I’m just saying that Terry Fator is a wonderful talent whose characterizations and comedy and extraordinary vocal ability puts him in a league of his own. Period, out and end of story.


Go see him.


Well, that’s it from me for now. See you next time.

Minnie Madden