Interview with PSFollies

The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies

Each year I go to Palm Springs, California to see The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. I’m always so excited to go. I love it…..I love the whole experience. This season I had the privilege of interviewing Jill Owens and Wayne Albritton. Their resumes read like the “who’s who” of dance.

They both have well deserved illustrious careers in entertainment and it is always a joy to see them and watch them perform.

Jill is now in her 11th year with the Follies, and is their dance captain. She performed as a June Taylor dancer in the Jackie Gleason show and appeared on Broadway in “No No Nanette” and “Pippin” with Ben Vereen and “Tip Toes.” She played Misty Knight on Blanskey’s Beauties and had parts in “Happy Days” and “Laverne and Shirley.”

She has performed as a Bob Fosse dancer and a Radio City Rockette. Her film credits include “Pennies from Heaven,” “Ritzville” and “Young Doctors in Love.”

I am always so impressed by Jill’s graciousness and talent. She is truly a Follies treasure.

And now my pal………drum roll………Wayne Albritton………What can I say??

Wayne is a hottie. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi Wayne gave up baseball to pursue an entertainment career. He appeared in the Broadway production of “Carnival” and later became a Moro Landis dancer at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. He was the principal singer/dancer for Ann Margret and was the lead singer for Donn Arden’s “Lido de Paris” and “Hallelujah Hollywood.” at the MGM. After owning two taverns in Las Vegas Wayne reentered show business and has been performing at the Palm Springs Follies for the last 10 years. Wayne’s wife Greta is also a dancer and an absolute beauty inside and out. They love dogs and I love them.

Riff Markowitz is the managing director/ producer and MC of the show…go see it..he’s very funny. Trust me in this.

My pal Greg Purdy is the senior communications director..he’s terrific. Joan Palethorpe is the there’s a talent….(one of my all time favorite choreographers.)

The whole is cast is divine. Go see it. Log onto: and get all the info.