Written by Timothy Lam

When You Are Ready To Transition to a New Career, Consider Hospitality!

There are a number of hospitality careers suitable for creative individuals such as performers looking to transition to a new, stable career. For those who enjoy working with people, a career in concierge is a perfect fit. What can be more satisfying than making someone’s day when you have the keys to the city to support you? For those who are creative and enjoy detail oriented work, meeting or event planning appeals. There is no better city where these careers are more advanced than in Las Vegas. For those who enjoy people and details, consider wedding planning. The opportunities are always available for those who possess the passion, enthusiasm and desire to serve.

The International School of Hospitality has helped numerous transitioning performers over the years. A number received scholarship funding from Career Transition for Dancers (www.careertransitions.org.) Programs at TISOH are part time and range from between 5 weeks to 6 months. All programs are taught by credentialed industry professionals. Externships are required to prepare graduates for new careers. When the time comes for you to transition to a new career, consider hospitality and get on the fast track to your dreams at TISOH.

Quoting Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


This academic year marks the fifth anniversary of the school. The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) was founded in 2005 by professors from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The mission of the school is to offer practical, short-term hospitality training programs developed for industry by industry. Along with class instruction, most courses include site visits and working internships. The school curriculum includes conference management and event planning, meeting & event catering, event design & production, hospitality leadership and supervision, wedding coordination and design, the art of concierge, art of food and beverage, hotel operations and hospitality human resources. Students may elect to study on site or enroll in TISOH’s online courses. The school is an Academic Partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

For more information, contact The International School of Hospitality at 702.947.7200 or visit www.tisoh.com.