Thursday Night Out….


So despite not being able to have a face lift yet…I decided to throw vanity to the wind and GO OUT…… see the shows I haven’t seen and revisit the ones I have, and try to hold my chin up if photos were taken.


Starting with V….Now I’m going to start gushing….Russ Merlin and Joe Trammel make me laugh. I need to laugh. I love to laugh. It’s good to laugh. And they make me laugh.

I have been a fan of each of them for a long long time and if I could throw confetti at their feet I would. I bow down with respect and joy.

Jason Byrne was divine. His posture, elegance and brilliant slight of hand made him enchanting to watch. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a hottie. Really liked his costume and was so happy to see a magician with such presence and skill. The flying act of Aerial Expressions are HOT. Actually sort of like ..”I want to take them home and put them in leather and let them fly around my home as I make pancakes.” A bit of drama on that front…… husband Joe hates guests on week-days, the bondage clothes shrunk in the dryer and I can’t make pancakes…But if I could?????????? I’m talking blueberry pancakes here.

Balancing act of Iouri and Nikoli could also come over to my home……..and be filmed in 360 degrees while maidens await their every need. Wonderful act.


Now I want to talk about Wally Eastwood, who is by far the best juggler ever. Love love him as the MC of the show. He is phenomenally brilliant. A few years ago I worked with a couple of jugglers in a show I directed and according to them my only claim to fame was that I knew Wally. As soon as I told them that they wanted to touch the hem of my garment. Wally is the quintessential performer. He’s just the best and I love using big words.

I know I know …… sounds like I’m being paid by the David Saxe (producer) PR firm.

I’m not. No kidding. Maybe I’ve been taken hostage by life’s unpleasantries lately and hadn’t gone out in a while but still……………

Great performers in “V.” Go see it. And if everything I said here isn’t true then don’t send me a Christmas card next year.


Now onto Sin City Bad Girls…..oh baby oh baby oh baby.

So here’s the deal. I worked with Lorena a few years ago on a cruise ship and she was shy. I know you don’t believe me ……..ask her it’s true. I told her that her persona was a bit like Olivia Newton John…also told her to go to Vegas that she would blossom here.

(had that gut feeling) Well. NOW SHE ROCKS…Talk about presence and command on stage??? Lorena Peril. A star. WOW WOW WOW. A STAR. Wonderful singer.

The girls are beautiful, and technically exquisite dancers. I love dancers.

I sing their praises. Loud and Strong.


Okay I went out……..I had a blast……….My suggestion: Go out, have a blast, take a break from real life and be highly entertained. So see “V” at the “V” theater Planet Hollywood and “Sin City Bad Girls” at Shimmer Lounge at the Hilton.


Life is short. Go have fun.


We’ll talk soon.