Esoteric Comedy






This week I want to write about two topics.  I met a comedian Tommy Savitt, who is appearing at the New Tropicana Resort inside the world famous Laugh Factory.  Savitt is a very nice young man, very interesting, and intelligent person, who was born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey.  Steve and I were invited to attend his opening night show, where we discovered that Tommy Savitt's persona is a character named Tommy Lama.


The character, Tommy Lama, is a serious spin-off of an esoteric teacher and practitioner of the psychic arts.  I know I have just said Tommy Lama was serious, but that’s what makes Tommy Savitt so funny.  Tommy Lama does not miss a tool interacting and helping his audience find themselves.  His “tool-kit” is everything from psychic readings, cards, meditation, spiritual counseling, and a lot of “bright” ideas on how to improve one's life. This show was far more fun than I expected.  It was funny and made me laugh.  The backward spoofs were very clever.  Of course, most of you know, I work in this area, and I found it fun and very clever! 


Savitt is a well-known comedian in New York, Seattle, Los Angles and all points around the world.  He probably teleports (a way of traveling by disappearing and reappearing) himself to his various locations.  I’m sure glad he dropped in here!


Call the Laugh Factory box office for times of shows, which on certain evenings the show starts at 5:00 p.m. and some other nights at 7:00 p.m. Tickets range in price from $32.65 to $43.55.



This is the Golden age and the time is here for us to create what we want by manifesting.  This takes changing the way we think, and feel.  The Law of Attraction is one very powerful Universal Laws of our World.  What we think we get.  We manifest what comes to us.  The Law of Recourse says that I can change anything, and will never be “stuck” without a solution.

I am always searching for ways to change my subconscious mind and get out of the past limitations.  So how do I get the Law of Attraction and/or Recourse to work for me? How do I flip the situations that I don't want to one that I do want?   Major, deep seated issues have a lot of momentum that make our manifestation out of a negative situation a lot more challenging. 

 I discovered a word that is a powerful emotion that helps fill in the gap of “having” and “not having.”  This word is one of the most primal, subconsciously, and consciously felt emotions.  Just thinking of this word allows strong feelings to surface.  This one word evokes a feeling of happiness, safety, hope, peace, gratitude, and many other positive feelings, while imparting an emotion of: "Oh, I feel good!"  I use this word often when programing the “FLIP SIDE” of what I attracted and don’t want. This word makes my petition more believable to my subconscious and for me to feel change in advance of receiving.  This word is...RELIEVED. 

I only recently started thinking about this word.  A baby at birth is relieved.  When we are hungry and are fed we’re relieved.  When we go to the bath room, we are relieved.  We are relieved when we receive money on time, bills are paid, car is fixed, we get a warning instead of a speeding ticket, receive a great health report, being healed from pain and illness, having a blind date that turns out perfect, when people love what we provided and when my life situation turns out better than expected.

I LOVE THIS WORD!  I am so relieved that I got a chance to appreciate this wondrous emotion wrapped in this simple, magical, and powerful word that helps fill in the gap between yes I can have and knowing I have it.