Ready or Not

We are now in a new age of Aquarius. The Pisces Age is over. The changing of an age which lasted over 2,500 years is a major event. We have been on the cusp between ages for some time. The shift has moved us to a new level of opportunity, much like going to a new chapter in a book. This is the last stage of this book, and the world is ready for a new sequel.

Life may not seem any different for some people. Many have become accustomed and resolved to the same old problems, and struggles. However, there are many of us that are aware of this change. Old ways just do not seem right and we are experiencing changes inside of us. If one becomes aware, a person may notice that other people seem more intense and aware of how “life” is treating them. They are seeking change. The days, weeks, months, seem to be spinning by so fast. There is a sense to seek our truth, and not follow things that don't make sense, or feel right. People are waking up. They want more out of life that makes them happy, and that lasts longer than a moment’s pleasure. Many people are seeking their purpose and wanting to have a life of meaning, rather than just existing. The younger children, and more of us that have been on earth for a while, are feeling this shift, and want to understand and move forward. Those who don't have a sense to what I am saying, don’t worry. The choice to change will come for each of us in our own individual way.

This puts a spike in judgment and mass consciousness of learned behavior that was set up in the last age to follow blindly, “because we were told to.”  The Age of Aquarius is not like any other age before it. This age is about leaving playing the victim and victimizing, and is about learning to master one’s self. This age will have a lot of skepticism, confusion in the letting go of old concepts, and learned behavior. Most of the confusion will come from taking the chains off and manifesting everything we want. Lower vibrational energy cannot come into this age.

If we listen to the news, politics, life stories of suffering, war, crime, and craziness, one would find it hard to believe that this shift is occurring.  But inside the human heart, there exists hope, knowing, and wanting to connect to the higher energies fostering this shift in age. This change will happen regardless of our belief system. The shift is about empowerment and not about sacrifice. The Source is not going to come down to the lower third dimensional levels. The Source expects us to raise our own vibration up to the higher levels. This is what Ascension is about. Some say it is the “end of time.” Since Time and Mind are the same thing, change will happen on many levels leading us to  the higher vibrations. The shift in energy means our bodies are changing frequency. There are many symptoms that are being experienced with this shift, which I will write about in a future column.

Life is a Play that is being rewritten, or a computer program where the virus -scan reveals what to delete. This age offers miracles to all when we are ready to align with the higher energy of our higher selves.

I will be writing tips on Ascension, manifesting and creating. If you are tired, unhappy, scared, bored, confused, and feeling the shift...stay tuned.


TERRY FATOR, teaching self -realization, puppet style:


I went to see Terry Fator's Christmas Show at Mirage. He is amazing, with his voice and his ability to make us become one with the character puppets. I couldn't get over how our life’s lessons are everywhere. One of his characters, the Turtle realized that he was a puppet. The puppet didn't know he was a puppet. He had to go through a process of self-realization and self-worth which is what the human race is going through. Terry…that was amazing and I thank you for your gift. The entertainment of the concert, and all of the “live Puppet Beings” were fun, and fantastic!

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