Welcome back! We took a brief couple month hiatus here at Callback News to do a little re-organizing and as you probably saw on the homepage – we have some exciting news to announce. First, Callback News is pleased to release our free App for all iPhone users. Just go to the App Store, search Callback News and download the free App. This will give you instant access to our entire site, including our FREE audition postings. Secondly, we are excited to announce the acquisition of TLVS1 Internet radio station based here in Las Vegas. You can find the station at www.TLVS1.com and also at www.TheLasVegasStation.com . These two sister companies will work together to bring you the best in entertainment resources from here in Las Vegas. Contact us if you would like to be interviewed on the radio or if you have an idea for your own radio program.


Seth Grabel in Hollywood. After Las Vegas Magician Seth Grabel’s memorable appearance on America’s Got Talent, he made a special appearance at the Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California. It just so happened that I was in Hollywood that night and I stopped in to see his show – funny and entertaining as always. He had the audience in awe as to how he did a couple of his tricks – even at such a close distance to the audience. After his show, I went for a quick late-night bite to eat in Studio City and in walks Teller from the Las Vegas duo of Penn and Teller. It must have been Las Vegas night in Hollywood!

Reynolds at the Riverside. Last weekend I went to the Riverside Resort in Laughlin, NV to see Debbie Reynolds. This was the 5th time I have seen her show and it was probably her best. She was amazing onstage with her singing, stories and comic wit. For those Debbie fans, she has changed her show a bit and added a couple new songs. You can catch her in Las Vegas at the South Point on December 22 & 23. Thank you to Nicole, Ray and the rest of the showroom staff at the Riverside for their hospitality!

Frank Marino the Dubious Diva. Frank is back to more shameless publicity. You might have seen the recent episode of Frank on the Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo. He went on the show hoping that matchmaker Patti Stanger could find him a new boyfriend. He had said on the show that he and his ex-boyfriend of 18 years had broken-up but were still really good friends. However, I found out after the fact through a mutual source, that it was all a big publicity stunt to get him on Bravo TV for marketing his Diva’s show at the Imperial Palace. So, it sounds like he and Alex are still together??

Be Careful Peter Lik! You probably know Peter Lik, the Australian photographer, from his galleries here in Las Vegas and his TV show From The Edge on the Weather Channel. I was invited to the VIP premier of his TV show a couple months ago at his Mandalay Bay Gallery. However, is he having financial issues to the tune of several millions of dollars??Peter – a word of advice – do not talk about your money problems with your business associate when you are having dinner at a local Thai restaurant! It just so happened that I was sitting behind you and could hear every word you were saying – even over your Aussie accent! My advice, have discussions such as that behind closed doors in the privacy of your office. I am sure someone less ethical than I would have loved to air all your dirty laundry and financial concerns that the two of you discussed that evening. Be more discreet!

Wes Winters at South Point. I am pleased to be the first to announce that Wes Winters’ contract at South Point Casino’s Grandview Lounge was been extended another six months! You can catch his free show every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm – 9pm in the Grandview Lounge. There are two spacious dance floors for all of you who like to ‘kick up your heels’ to Wes’ singing and piano playing. Also, Wes will be doing a special New Year’s Eve show in the Grandview Lounge at 5pm on Saturday, December 31.

Marbella Restaurant. We were invited to ‘media night’ opening of the new Marbella Tapas Restaurant on Flamingo (between Arville and Decatur) in the location of the old Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse. We were NOT impressed. The staff was less than friendly and accommodating to all the media that were there. The food and sangria was barely adequate. Don’t worry Firefly – you have nothing to worry about – you still have the best tapas and sangria in town! They had a photographer there that night to take our pictures as we entered the restaurant, but after contacting the restaurant’s special events director, who has yet to return my email, I don’t have a picture to share with you. I am not surprised that I have not heard back from her (Melanie Bash), with the overall level (or lack there of) customer service that we experienced! If I was psychic and could gaze into a crystal ball – I don’t think this place will last very long with their current level of service.