Talented Duo Ned Mills and Sally Olson Recreate The Carpenters in Concert


Tickets are selling fast for the tribute concert on brother and sister sensations Karen and Richard Carpenter; performed by Ned Mills and Sally Olson.


During their career from 1969-1983, The Carpenters had: 3 Grammy Awards, 5 Billboard Top Ten Albums,  3 Number One Singles, 12 Top Ten Singles, and 20 Billboard Top Forty Hits. Internationally, The Carpenters are still the third best-selling music act in Japan, behind Mariah Carey and The Beatles. Historically, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the Carpenters number 10 on its list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time, while calling Karen Carpenter one of the greatest female vocalists of all time.


Ned Mills and Sally Olson are the world’s only authentic Carpenters full tribute production, with this show being a re-creation of The Carpenters 1976 UK Tour. The production quality in both sight and sound, along with a live band, is pure perfection. Ned and Sally, as tribute artists, do not just emulate Karen and Richard. When they step on stage you sense that they actually are the reincarnation of Karen and Richard. Their vocals, hair, arrangements, costumes, and mannerisms are spot-on as Karen and Richard. It’s actually an eerie feeling seeing and hearing Ned and Sally, because if you didn’t know better, you would assume you are at a live Karen and Richard Carpenter concert.


Both Ned and Sally are accomplished entertainers individually. But, after meeting one day and recognizing the talents within each other, they collaborated to develop this Carpenters tribute show. Their story is a great lesson for everyone.  Never dismiss chance meetings or the opportunity to collaborate with other talented people; you never know the success which could develop. There is an energetic creative force which is multiplied many-fold when talented individuals join forces. Ned and Sally with their Carpenters Tribute productions are positive examples of this creative force.


Tickets for this September 4th show are only $20 and available at the Starbright Theatre or by ordering online at suncitysummerlin.com


For additional information on Ned and Sally’s USA tour schedule, check out their personal website at carpenterstributeconcert.com


You won’t want to miss this historical journey down memory-lane!