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Your Reality is Make Believe and Changing


The Child’s Perspective

Our perception of reality comes from our belief system.  Most of our beliefs are formed by the time we are seven years old. We are born with an open mind and form these beliefs from those who teach us by word and action.  The child’s experience is put into the computer, the subconscious, from the child’s perspective.  If the child is four, then it is his consciousness of that time.  If the experience happens again when the child is 6, then it is the 4-year-old and the 6-year-old perspective combining. If there is a difference in the learning, then there is conflict.  The child will draw more experiences through their life trying to figure it out.  I am sure this can be a little scary for the adult part of us, to have the past of our child  running our lives and influencing our decisions. Then add the other experiences we have had on our journey at different times in our lives trying to prove or disprove our agendas that we came to learn. 

The place where the past and future is blended into truth, and is a pure experience of learning, is in the “Now.”  The “Now” is the eye of the hurricane, and the outside is the past and future where learning, struggle, and damage occur.  We spend a life time proving or disproving those belief systems by living and learning  the outside of the hurricane. The point of this is to wake-up and move into the “Now.” 


The Now

The beliefs and memories are held in the Subconscious Mind.  The subconscious is a computer.  It has all our files…I mean all of them.  It may make sense why inner child of us might be helpful. As we go through the discernment process and decide whether we agree or disagree with the belief experience we have come into work through, we need to heal the false beliefs, replacing them with the new version.  It is similar to re-writing our false story in an updated version in the computer, much like updating a computer file.  We need to have a consciousness of understanding what happened in the early years of our life and delete the file or re-write it.  What did you learn and experience in childhood that does not work for you today.  The idea is to keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. We live in a play that allows us to experience and learn and bring the real with us and letting go of the false.

The subconscious doesn’t care if something is true or false.  The subconscious doesn’t even know the difference what is thought compared to experienced.  It is a computer that has access to files collected throughout this life time.  It only reflects back the strongest programs of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that was programmed into it.  Many of our beliefs are false or do not work. The fact is we attract everything we get that has the strongest belief memories.  It doesn’t matter if I consciously changed my experience but if my 2% conscious mind is weaker in my belief housed in the subconscious, it will be more difficult to make the updated change.  The strongest standing subconscious file will win out.  If I don’t take charge by being persistent to the change, the subconscious will still think for me, that the old belief system is the reality I want.  

To complicate things even further, the subconscious also holds along with the High Self and Soul, all memory of all time…past lives, fractions, ancestors, and our recording of it.  If this world in an illusion of change, learning, and come and go…what is reality?  


Subconscious Mind

Our computer got hacked!!!  That chatter you hear…the negativity, the torture of the mind has not had a fair chance to go through the learning experience of form innocently.

We might ask…”don’t’ these people who hack have better things to do?”

Actually no.  There is an agenda of power to stop the natural process of learning and knowing; confusion; and take over the computer and have access to all our data.  This is happening on a physical level and Spiritual Level. What most people do not realize, we are in a duality, and the virus to the computer has been controlling our computer. We even have a false self that sets up the false duality that comes in from the beginning.  Evil is just Life reversed.  Side by side, the original True matrix, and the false matrix have been with us.  There is a day now, where false and Truth will not sit side by side.  Wars that created the negative duality will not win and will disappear. The dark night cannot stay dark when the sun comes out…it has no power.  For more people, the purpose of false and suffering in order to learn, doesn’t make sense.  The sun that comes out doesn’t have to…it  just appears.


Consciousness for most consists of 2% of all our thoughts. You can read, study, think, and know the Truth.  You will Spiritually become aware and Enlightened to the Truth and Knowledge…but we need to discern for ourselves what is in the other 95% beliefs programmed in our computer programming that needs up-dating.  All of the Truths are the “Sun” part of us.  We do not need to know what all the details of our false side, we only need to feel to rewrite them. The Law of Recourse is that we are never stuck and can always change.  Out beliefs need to change from what we know is false to what we know is true.  We need to run a malware, and take back our computer, knowledge, truths, and change our life from struggle to a happier side of our experience here.

Okay! The Shaman, Enlighten Ones, Teachers, Christ, and ET’s have all told us truths and it doesn’t seem to have worked…Yes it has!  We are Here!  This is the Golden Age.  This is the time that we have been waiting for.  We are moving through a photon belt (eye of the needle), that has been spoken about for over 25,000 years and has been since the beginning.  Look around you; look inside you; and feel your heart…time is here and time for change that will lift us out of false duality, into what we want, and it is not about dying. It is about letting go of limited beliefs and open to Grace of having “o ha” moments of Spirit memory.  It is not about manipulating, criticizing, judging ourselves or others…it is about ourselves.  There is a reason for all of the super-human movies. We are all super-human inside because of Spirit and breath.  Human Being means Spirit and breath of Life, in a human experience to learn…well the Spirit side is taking back the original matrix.  That is what the Photon Belt is about.  It is a purifier…a gift from the Creator, a promise of coming back to Source. 


Photon Belt

Much of what we learned was not true, false teaching for one reason or another, limiting or just not up-to-date, but we keep repeating it.  We are programmed to the outdated false matrix, and not being our powerful Real Selves…so we make believe it’s real and put up with it…until now.  

I want to create something different.  I want to let go of fear, limitation, regret, quilt, and suffering.  I need to follow truth, not false concepts.   How do I change if I attract everything that comes to me? ( Law of Attraction at work.) First understand this Law.  There is no exception.  We get whatever we focus on.  Focus are the thoughts from the beliefs. Emotion empowers them. 

If we change our beliefs, we will change our reality.  We can let go of what is stale bread and spoiled false foods of thought in the subconscious.  Be a Maker of new Beliefs  that creates success in a different reality here. The how- to is becoming known everywhere.  I am dedicated to the Ascension process, and more columns to come on this process for any who are interested.

This is the Golden Age…Time to play Happy!

Nancy L Barr

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