Rouge: Naughty Fun

Rouge just opened at the Strat and is the newest naughty adults-only topless show in Las Vegas. This is the third show in town from the same production company as WOW at Rio and Extravaganza at Bally’s (soon to be renamed The Horseshoe). All three shows are totally different, and include elevated variety acts that you don’t see at other shows.

The sultry mood is set as soon as you walk into the theatre with several performers mingling with you as you find your seats. Just be ready for Nurse Naughty to give you an exam in front of your friends! The lighting, sound, and staging are incredible. The huge scene with the entire cast in full Victorian costumes is stunning. I have not applauded so much throughout an entire show in a long time. Although being a topless revue show, you really don’t notice it because the entire production is done with such class; the topless aspect blends into each scene. Rouge is a classy, funny, naughty show! It’s not a blatant or vulgar topless show like some others. I can’t say enough for the level of talent of the variety artists, each one takes their craft to new levels of expertise, and it’s seen by the reaction of the audience and standing ovations.

I have seen all three shows from this production company and I love each one. It is hard to recommend one over the other, so just plan to see all three of them while you are visiting Las Vegas! Rouge is reminiscent of vintage Vegas production and variety shows.