Glorious Guizhou

By Hal de Becker

Photos courtesy of

Sally Miller Photography, LLC


With a dazzling display of color, movement and sound, 60 artists from China’s Guizhou province thrilled the audience at the Orleans Show Room Theater with their exclusive one-night-only appearance in Las Vegas.

Titled “Wind of Colorful Guizhou”, the production was far more than just a performance of folkloric songs and dances that one might see in many a village square. It was a staged and choreographed presentation by seasoned, highly trained professional singers and dancers – all superbly costumed.

As attractive as the performers were, their costumes were an equal feast for the eyes. Luxuriant fabrics in brilliant hues of blue, red, orange and pink elicited audible sighs from the appreciative audience.The artistic lighting-design, expertly executed by the Orleans’ tech crew, highlighted the costumes’ glittering adornments, many of them made of real silver, including the elaborately decorated headpieces.

The dancers exuded charm, energy and a radiant freshness.The men were strong and virile, the ladies pretty and, with youthful innocence, occasionally coquettish.The hand and arm movements of a trio of blue water maidens were especially delicate and expressive.In the large ensemble numbers the dancers’ moved as one.Their unison of execution in complex steps and patterns was striking.

Choreography was a blend of stylish ethnic and modern moves which, along with the dancers’ excellent miming, often conveyed the subject of a dance. These included love and friendship, nature, family, and a yearning for homeland.

Some of the music was taped but all the singing was ‘live’, and resoundingly so.The three operatically trained female soloists accessed their high notes with ease and purity and their vocal power was seemingly unlimited. With touching conviction, a male soloist sang a tender song of courtship to his sweetheart.Some songs were lyrical and melodic, others more dramatic.In approaching each, the singers’ shading and coloring was impeccable.

A special warmth and friendliness seemed to emanate from the program.At one point a group of dancers came into the audience and distributed souvenir gifts and tiny tastes of wine from Guizhou province to some of the lucky spectators.

The same sense of congeniality pervaded a pre-performance dinner-reception at HK Star restaurant.Present were invited locals as well as dignitaries from the Peoples Republic of China, including the Deputy General-Secretary of Guizhou Province, Dr. Wang Fu Yu.

Also attending were Members of China’s TV and press corps; officials from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco; the show’s cast; photographer Sally Miller; composer Albert Chang; and, from Sunway Universal Foundation, Lanlin Zhang, Steven Sun and Henry Wang who together with the Chinese Association of Las Vegas sponsored the stunning Guizhou performance.

Hal de Becker congratulating Guizhou dancers