A Celebrity Friend I Really Liked-Robert Goulet

Posted by Eve on February 5, 2011

Memories Of Las Vegas

I celebrated my 83rd birthday a few days ago, and got many happy birthday wishes from my Facebook friends.  Among them, a lady that I so admire and feel a great affection for, Vera Goulet.  Well this reminded me of a story that I think you will enjoy, that I wrote some time ago, in fact some of it is in my book, “My Life In Shorts.” Which you see advertised on my web page.  This is MY story about Bob and Vera Goulet!!During my years as a writer/columnist (now 39 in Las Vegas) I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with many celebrities.  Most of my meetings have been a lot of fun, but one person that I met who was even more fun than most, was Robert Goulet.  He was known for his wonderful singing voice, and I have to say that I personally think he was the best singer on the planet, but his dry sense of humor is known by few people, and I have seen it in practice several times.

My first remembrance of Bob Goulet in anything, other than hearing him sing, was when he appeared many years ago, I believe it was on the old Mike Douglas, or Merv Griffin, television show.  This was before talk shows became public forums to air dirty laundry of people who must have no shame, and when someone talked about their life “off-stage” it was for fun, not scandal.   In the interview Robert Goulet told several stories on himself, and I found his humor irresistible.  One of the stories he told, was when he was appearing somewhere in middle America, and was very late getting dressed.  Well some choices had to be made and he couldn’t appear without his tux, so the tux went on, but the underwear was left off.  During one of his songs, for effect, he was walking up and down the stairs that were attached to the stage.  A woman in the audience threw her mink coat on the stairs, ALA Sir Walter Raleigh, for him to walk on.  Always being a gentleman, Robert stooped over to pick it up, rather than stepping on it.  As he “stooped” he heard a loud rip.  I’m sure you have guessed, the whole seat of his pants had ripped open.  Needless to say the remainder of his show was performed with him standing perfectly still, facing his audience.  Bob made a decision right then and there.  Given such a choice again, underwear or pants, he would appear on stage in boxer shorts!!!

Another story he told on himself, he and his wife had a cabin in Canada where they would go as often as they could, to get away from “show biz” and have a little vacation.  Their cabin was one that was built miles from anything, which made it an even sweeter “get away”.  One day they were in their hideaway and the snow had been going on for days and they were completely snowed in.  They didn’t mind at all and this particular day they had decided to consummate their love on a sofa in the living room.  The big picture windows were open, but they were snowed in, so it meant no one else was traveling either.  Well, during their lovemaking Bob looked up and, sitting on his HORSE looking in the picture window, was a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman.  The only person not embarrassed by this incident, I understand, was the horse!

Years after I saw these television shows, with Bob as a guest, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where Bob and his wife, Vera also lived.  Bob & Vera were the couple that, though they had many years together, would have loved to have had many more for their love was the “love of their life” kind of love, for both of them  a blessing that many people never have the opportunity to experience.

I was working for a charitable organization and we were “roasting” the wonderful media personality, Red McIlvaine.  We needed a star to appear to make the sale of our tickets more enticing, so I asked one of Red’s dear friends, Bob Goulet to honor our table with his presence.  Bob and Vera without hesitation agreed to be a part of the benefit.  Through the years we saw each other many times at press parties and such, and we sent each other Christmas Cards every year.  One of  the lovely parts of this is, as my readers know, I am married to Ted Quillin who, was a nationally known DJ.  He used to play Bob’s music for every radio station he ever worked for and they met each other many times.  They became friends through this connection.  So, when we saw Bob and Vera at various functions in our city, it was old home week for the four of us.  We were proud to call the Goulet’s our friends.


Bob entertained people worldwide with his magnificent voice, and his acting, in musicals.  Only on occasion did we in Las Vegas get to hear him, because he was traveling all over the world, but when he did get to come home, we loved being able to listen to his voice, and to share his wonderful sense of humor.  He was truly one of God’s gifts that gave us pleasure, always! Now he is with many of his friends building that entertainment world that we will all get to see one day, and though I am not trying to hurry the reunion, with Bob and so many of his other entertainer friends, I know I will enjoy them, once again, when we meet.