From: Norm Johnson

For: 2-18-2016


He is a Martial Arts specialist with the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt.  He was a member of the United States Army Rangers. He has a law enforcement background. He is one of the nation’s top firearms and tactics instructors, having Range Mastered at a number of facilities. He was a member of the corporate world. He is sometimes considered controversial.  But he’s also like a loveable Panda Bear once you get to know him.  And most people do want to know him!  He is Dave Champion.

This is an unusual way to start a column about a man I recently met in Pahrump, NV. How I met him was unusual also: My ex-son-in-law called me and asked if I would be interested in meeting with a guy he recently met? I said why? He said, “He has an interesting background and I know you like to write about people that are different sometimes!” He was right of course, so I called Dave Champion and said I would like to meet him for a possible interview.  When I met him I immediately knew this meeting was going to be unique. When we shook hands, and he smiled, I knew I was going to like him! The following is that interview:

Champion (56), stands 5’11” and weighs a muscular 225 pounds. He cuts an imposing figure with his shaved head, earrings, and vivid tattoos, all of which belies his many accomplishments, his storied life, and the fact that his IQ is in the top 2%.

David Champion was not always such an intimidating figure. David was born and raised in Sherman Oaks, California, a suburb of San Fernando Valley.  His father, Albert, was an aeronautical engineer at the Northrop Aircraft plant in nearby Hawthorne, and mom, Julie, was a housewife. Champion attended Ulysses. S. Grant High School, named after the 18th President of the United States. As a youngster he was more a lover than a fighter, which resulted in him being picked on. David decided to learn how to defend himself, "I enrolled in a boxing class when I was 12,” he said. Wanting to use more than just his fists, he gravitated to the martial arts. Champion was also in a personal turmoil with life, and was experiencing everything bad there was to experience. “I had a pretty crummy upbringing. I became a hell-raiser. It was the ‘70s in L.A. and drugs were a way to kill the pain for me. My first time being arrested was at 15.”

With his parents virtually non-participants in his life, Champion realized no one was going to change his life for the better but him. David began to work out at a gym, he returned to the martial arts, and David was a student once again. He even joined the football team. Within a few months he was clean and in superb condition. He had faced the “tiger” head-on, and won.

On Feb 14, 1981, Champion shipped out to Fort Benning, GA., to follow his path to becoming a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger. For the next several months he gave everything he had - 100% and then some. One of the most meaningful moments of his life was when he was authorized to wear the unit insignia of a Ranger battalion, and to wear the black beret which was exclusive to the Rangers during that era.  Though Champion does not discuss the many adventures he experienced as a Ranger, he admits to being very familiar with a number of Central American nations. On Oct. 28, 1984 his enlistment was over.  Goodbye United States Army, Hello Corporate World. 

Dave worked for a highly successful telecommunications company until 1986, when he decided to form his own consulting firm, TCS.  In 1990, however, the urge to return to a more exciting life, which had lain dormant within him for years, reared its head.  He decided to join a Southern California law enforcement agency, where Dave would eventually lead a group of highly trained elite officers in battling gangs and the gang-related drug trade. He left law enforcement in 1996.

Over the ensuing years, Dave Champion used his knowledge of the law, and a talent for legal research, to open an office providing consultation on federal and state regulatory matters. He assisted his clients in achieving a number of winning actions. In one matter, a $500-an-hour Yale-trained attorney told Champion, “that if he was ever to face a similar problem in the future, he’d use David’s approach,” which had produced a stunning victory for the attorney. In 2002 he was asked to share some of his insights by hosting his own radio show. His following grew to significant numbers, culminating with doing political talk radio Monday - Friday, two-hours a day. “The Dave Champion Show,” was heard on stations nationwide.

In June of 2008 Champion moved to the rural community of Pahrump, NV. and in 2010, he released his first book, “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths.” At 445 pages, it is the product of 17 years of research and reveals the historical and legal facts concerning the true limited scope of the U.S. income tax. Dave has referred to it as “A law book every American can understand.” The book has received universal acclaim from the public as well as attorneys practicing in the federal court system. One review even referred to it as a “page turner.” 

In 2011, Champion left radio to indulge in another one of his passions, accepting a position with the largest privately owned firearms academy in America. There he taught some of the most challenging courses, including the vaunted “Handgun Combat Master” program, until resigning in 2013. Dave still teaches privately, “high-end firearms and tactics skills,” with his Combat Dynamics Group.

In 2013 the Dave Champion Show was resurrected - as a TV show on KPVM, which covered the southern Nevada area. With his background, controversial views, no-holds-barred political commentary, and interesting guests, Dave’s show enjoyed the reputation of being the most watched, most talked about show in its broadcast area. In 2015 he ended his TV show to focus on the medium of the future - video blogging. Within a few months his, “angry truck rants,” became an internet sensation, being viewed by millions of people. Champion’s blog offerings (print & video) range from educational to entertaining, always with the focus on his greatest love of all - liberty! Champion continues to co-hosts a weekly political TV talk show, “Totally Unprepared”, with his long-time friend, Bill Carns.



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