From: Nancy Barr

For: 3-11-2014

This is me on the home stretch. 




For years now I have heard Norm Johnson, founder of the Mint 400 Off- Road-Race, tell his stories of the experience of desert racing.  Ya! Ya! Norm!  I am sure it is fun getting dusty, dirty, and thrown from ditch to ditch. 


Well there is an old saying, “don’t judge the book by the cover,” and “Try it. You will like it.”  Such was the case, after a ride in the incredible Red Bull Trophy Truck, driven by Bryce Manzies, a champion of the Mint 400.  This truck did not look like the dune-buggies I have seen in pictures.  This truck was a rare, expensive, custom-built vehicle, with more buttons, and switches then I could ever learn to use. 


I was one of eleven lucky people who had a chance to show up at an isolated location, where racers can test their vehicles before the race on Saturday, March 15. 


Every person made a similar statement when they got out of the truck, “That was the most awesome experience I have ever had!”  Matt Martelli, producer of the Mint 400 Race, should sell tickets for people like me who have no idea how much fun, and thrilling off road desert racing is.  The look on our faces and the smile told everything, even for those who were afraid, but still took part in the adventure to see for themselves.  They were changed by the experience.


After riding in this incredible engineered truck, I could not help think what it must have been like to have Norm’s experience, in a dune-buggy way back in the beginning.  I sat strapped safely in my seat, going what seemed to be fast.  I like fast, that is why I have a sports car. But, to look ahead and see the big mounds of sand, dirt, ditches, and rocks, while not knowing what was on the other side, only to find more mounds, ditches, rocks, and fast turns, to who knows where next…what an exciting freedom of surrender. 


I believe that every experience has a purpose.  After, the ride of a life-time, I saw a similarity in my life.  I may have obstacles, mounds, ups and downs, and I may have to face things unknown, but what a difference it can be in a Higher Dimension, with help from a Higher Source like the Trophy Truck and Bryce. The harder version of the dune buggy of the old age is an interesting challenge, and without it, we would not have the Red Bull TrophyTruck. Both can help me fly over the problems, one just easier than the other.  I have a choice now to try a different way to live.


I want it to be fun, easier, and smoother, but if not…I still have the dune-buggy version until I learn to let go of seeing life as an obstacle. 


Thank you Norm, for inventing the race.  Thank you Bryce, for sharing your time, truck, and skill.  Thank you Matt, for allowing me the opportunity to understand why you all do this.  What a wonderful culture and way of life.  And thank you Matt, for bringing this wonderful event back to world-wide fame, that my dear friend Norm and Mel Larson made happen.