By Nancy Barr

The polls of the sun have shifted and changes are here.  My experience is thatthe Mother (Infinite Spirit) is here, and coming in strong.  This is my experience: 

After 4 billion years of war, the Mother will not tolerate, or support war.  That means warring with self, and others.  It’s time to find a different way of coming into safety, and being in Truth, a higher pitch frequency of energy, wisdom, knowing, peace, joy, and Love.  

How does one do that?  It’s inside of you waiting for you to find out.  Start by asking.

The ego's excuse for war is using any excuse, or who does what to whom, and we buy into the reasoning.  Conflict will not win the help of the Infinite Spirits.  We are expected to handle the obstacles of learning with compassion, tolerance, mercy, handing it over to a Higher Judge, or go neutral until you can accomplish a comfortable mind frame.  It may involve observing the situation; separating the behavior from the person, and making a decision to remove yourself from the obstacle. One continues loving the person without judgment, but does not accept the behavior in his life.

The Infinite Spirit will give an incredible amount of help, if our thoughts and emotions are not coming from war and undoing.  The energy has changed.  My experience tells me I cannot stop the change or go backward.  I cannot control the new energy, other than how I handle it for myself.  We need to change with it, or it will bring on disharmony of body, mind, and Spirit.

The whole journey has been about freedom.  Freedom has been taken away, and we need to bring it back in our lives.  We were not made to be slaves to fear, victims of negativity, and limitation.

Lift into the Light and you will be safe.  Know yourself and you will be safe.  No need to war or fight over illusion that will disappear anyway.

War is based on fear.  Fear brings doubt and uncertainty.  Uncertainty brings confusion.  Confusion brings insecurity and low self -esteem.  Low self -esteem tells me I am weak and vulnerable.  Victims get victimized, and will lead to war.  I don't have to play this game just because false programming and, "chatter," tells me to.

None of this is necessary anymore with the new energy of Grace.  I just need to reorganize my thinking on judgment, control issues, and hatred.

Everyone has the right to choose.  Choice is freedom.  This is why our perception needs a dose of tolerance, compassion, mercy, lack of judging, and the knowledge that we are all one.  

We are not clones, slaves, inferior, unable, or a victim.  Why do I say this? The Divine Love made us, and gave us the "whole Ocean instead of a drop." If we open up our mind, choose, and change our thinking that changes our actions, that changes our life...we will transform into who really are.

Consider mistakes as what works, or does not work, as experiences. Right and wrong, good or bad leads me to war.  

The change needs to start with ourselves first, and it will lead to honoring others and their right to be free to make mistakes, or to get out of this craziness.

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