Nancy Barr 


The New Year brings to the mind, a new beginning.  It is a way of marking time, and reminds me of my perception of what happened last year.  Hopefully, I learned what I needed to know, so I can spring-board myself into what I need to do this year.  Last year is gone, and yet it lingers in the shadows of what I need to do this year.  I often think of time as a road sign.  The past tells me where I have been, the now is where I am, and the future tells me that I am heading somewhere. 


We often think we know where we are headed in the future, but it is an illusion.  The “future” can change in a second.  The past is over.  What remains is what I learned and need to carry over in the moment.  If it weren’t for the daylight, and dusk, would we be able to really tell time?  My understanding is time and mind are the same thing.  Five minutes can seem like an hour, and an hour seems like five minutes.  It is a matter of perception.  As an Intuit, a conscious person, and a fellow traveler in this journey of life, what do I feel about this year?  If I am smart, I will have no idea!  I will let it unfold.


What I learned last year is what I learn every year…I don’t know, unless I try to control what I can’t control, and don’t take responsibility for what I can. 


I feel that the old age of Pisces is now closing, and a new age has begun.  CHANGE is what that means to me.


It would be wise of me to be flexible and aware.  My “Sleepwalking” days are over.  My mind, and the way that I think, needs to be updated, much like a computer application.  The only way that I know how to stay up-to-date, is to be in the moment, and connected to something that KNOWS more than I do.  I have the right to know, I just need to learn how to find it.  Oddly, it is the last place we look, as it is tucked away safely inside our heart.


The more I clear out the clutter of my mind, and all the parts of me that are blocked, the easier it is to observe the answers.   That clutter is like static or fog.  It distracts me from observing the truth. 


I have nicknamed the New Age “grace.”  I would like “grace” to be my new best friend.  One of my favorite songs is Amazing Grace.  What is amazing: grace doesn’t care what I have done in the past.  Grace only cares what I am doing now.  Yes, I need to learn what I need to know from the past, so I don’t repeat it in the future.  It is the now where grace lives.  Grace seems to be saying to me, “Let Me help you. I will remind you what you have forgotten about yourself as a Spirit.  I will make things easier for you if you just listen and observe the answer.”

That requires a change of trying to control fear.  Fear doesn’t need to be controlled; it needs to be recognized as an opportunity to overcome, and to solve the issue in a way that works for me.  Love is the computer program of choice. I need to see beyond what I know in my micro-perception, and understand the bigger picture. 

 Forgiveness is one of the first things on my list this New Year.  Joy is my goal.  I am alright with not knowing my version of answers.  I am going to get there, and I accept that I don’t have to be afraid if I don’t know everything.  I will find out what I need to know.  My path is inside, observing something that knows more than I will ever remember, with a better solution.

Each moment is my New Year, and with grace, I will have a year of incredible moments. 

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