From: Jan B Seattle, WA:


Nancy, what do you think about what’s happening with our world? The world seems to be in so much trouble everywhere. I have read a lot of books, and I hear this world called an “Illusion,” and I do not understand what that means.It seems real enough to me?


Jan, I wrote on this subject 25 years ago. I sat down and just started writing. I have never published it or showed it to the general public, because, at the time, it seemed so negative. I was concerned with stating what people did not want to hear. I think it’s time to bring it out in the open, and let people decide for themselves--if what I channelled, 25 years ago has merit.


Channeled by Nancy Barr:


This world has been said to be an “Illusion,” yet most do not understand what that means. The human being continues to go around and around in suffering and despair, much like a dog chasing its tail. Many repeat the same errors of insanity and confusion, not understanding that confusion will never make sense…that is why it is called confusion.


What is the problem?


Today, many children live in fear of just staying alive long enough to get to school and home again. All over the world, parents have to be concerned when their children go out to play, wondering, will they return? A child’s greatest nightmare of the “boogieman,” has now become a reality, and the child is not safe, even in his own room. No one can protect them, not even in their own home with parents nearby. In some cases, who protects the children or the parents from one another? Our concepts are being broken down like blocks scattering when a child kicks them, and we wonder why.


The Illusion and Insanity:


In this “sleepwalk” that we think is reality, the confused are leading the confused. The fearful are trying to bring peace to those in fear. The angry are trying to settle differences with the angry. The false prophets are trying to bring truth to the false. The spiritually bankrupt are trying to bring faith, hope and guidance to the “sinners. Those with hearts of “ice” are teaching and effecting people’s lives. We hand our money over to those who are greedy, and we empower those who are selfish. We give fame to the deviant and the misguided. We treasure that which is false and we hate what is true. We think that misery and negativity is “normal,” and we are suspicious of joy and love.We insist on our differences, and ignore our similarities. In our cities, we used to step over a piece of gum on a sidewalk, now we step over people on the sidewalk. Once cardboard boxes were containers for gifts and packages; now they are used for make-shift dwellings for the homeless. We find thousands of reasons to war, when our hearts really seek peace. We try to love others when we hate ourselves. In war, a child is forced to dig his grave, and his insane-driven mother finds the only sanity is that war will never bring peace. Once “colors” represented the pride of schools, and now they may represent the anger of gangs.


Today, not only is personal security not guaranteed, but jobs and financial security is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Industry and technology are moving at such a fast pace, the human heartbeat is being removed. A few control the machines, and the machines control the masses. The banks own the government, and the government owns the people. Politicians tell us “what the people want,” but most do not have a clue to what we need.Instead of serving the “people,” many often serve the “power” that turns us into slaves and risks our freedom to exist. In the most poverty-stricken countries, there seems to be money and power for war, while masses starve and lives are torn apart. We chase everything we can, even destruction, in order to hide and cover up our pain. We seek happiness and joy, yet we live in despair. We long for love, but we are attached to hate and discord. We trust those who betray us, and we shun the faithful. In our attachment to our own image, we clone our weaknesses, and deny our differences that lead to growth. We ask questions that we don’t really want answers to, and, are too frightened to ask for what we need to know. We acquaint stability with ways of the past, and fear the change that leads us out of stagnation. We are afraid to live, and we are afraid to die. Fear and judgment are taught in the name of God. We judge what we did not create, and refuse responsibility for what we did create.


It is difficult to know what to expect. The “rules” keep changing and we don’t even see the changes coming, before it hits us. People today are so busy trying to survive; they are too overwhelmed and lose the ability to deal with the real problems. There is the threat of earth changes that challenge our survival and, we are unprepared, trusting agencies to help and save us when they are incapable--or simply do not care.


If all of this bothers you, it should! If you do not feel that you are a part of all of it, than perhaps you have walked out of the “Illusion,” and will not be caught up in its insanity. The pretense has to come to an end, so that we can live in joy. Freedom is one of our greatest gifts. I want to know where the love is. Hidden in the Illusion, are the secrets and the answers, much like a children’s coloring book--where the hidden objects have to be found. It’s up to people to decide if they want to be aware and conscious, or asleep, vulnerable and a slave in this Illusion. It is time to wake-up! I want to know where the truth is. God put it in our heart to know. But the Illusion is outside, with time running out.