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In the previous column I wrote about unseen entities that co-exist with our world. More people are aware and have had some experience with the unseen entities. Children and animals see ghosts and spirits. Children will be pointing and talking to them. Animals might bark, point, watch, and act in a strange way. Family members and friends, before passing, will often say they see loved ones that have already passed. You may see the round colored lights in photographs called orbs. One may walk into a space, and feel the environment change to something uneasy, thick, cold, or chilling. For many of us, the “other side,” is as common as seeing cars in a parking lot at the mall.

There is a difference between a ghost and a spirit. When someone first leaves, they are spirit. If they pass through the tunnel, they are spirit. Spirits can come back to visit, and are free to come and go with their God self intack. A ghost isstuck, lost, and in limbo. They are stuck in planes between the material earth, and the higher realms. Today I am going to write about ghosts.

There are many different types of ghosts. Also, there are different reasons for the unfortunate experience of becoming a ghost. I say “unfortunate,” because it is not a peaceful realm. Ghosts are personalities with out a physical, material body, but, with sensations, such as hunger, thirst, fear and anxiety, anger, confusion, desperation, and despair. Because they are not physical, they are not held to physical law of gravity and form. They can walk through walls and appear and disappear. Ghosts are stuck in the lower astral plane until they get help, or get to higher vibration to move on.

I realize that a lot of people assume that when someone passes, or what some call “dies,” they automatically go to heaven, or a better place. In most cases, hopefully, that is true. However, there are exceptions as to how fast we walk out of this dream and, back to reality.

What happens to the spirit that becomes a ghost? I warn you, some of this is the scary part, because of the way we were taught in our belief system. In my onion, if we understand what happens, and why, we will be able to help them, or have the ghost leave if it is causing us problems. It also inspires me to be in a good mental state before I pass, and to have a purer focus in my heart in case the unexpected happens.

When someone first passes, they are spirit. There will be three lights, or thee living fires in front of them. One is a record of everything they did as a soul, one is the history of what they did in this lifetime, and the middle will be the High Self (Spirit Soul.) This is similar to a passport, driver’s license, and birth certificate. It the fire or light is put out, or stolen, they can not move on. They will not have what it takes to get to the tunnel that takes them to the higher planes, and will be stuck in the astral plane until help comes.

When someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly, there is a greater chance of becoming a ghost. Car accidents, natural disasters, murder, suicide, drugs, accidents of other nature, those who do not want to leave the earth plane, and suffer traumatic illness can create a climate where other ghosts hang out and steal the new spirit’s lights. If a soul has done things to damage themselves and, others to lower their vibration and color, they may not be able to get through the tunnel of light. Hospitals, nursing homes, houses, buildings, and land areas where tragedies happen, roads where there have been a lot of accidents, and just certain energy spaces called vortexes, can host ghosts who are lost and trying to find their way. Souls who are protected are in a much better situation. If that person has a strong belief in a Higher Power, then they will be met, and escorted in spirit, where they need to be.

Some ghosts interact, just as some spirits come back to interact. Remember, the spirit is free to come to us and go back to the spirit world. The ghost is stuck. Some ghosts are family, friends and familiar to the people they come to. If they are a ghost, they are trying to ask for help, or perhaps create trouble for someone they have a grudge against. If they are in spirit, they are often trying to give a message or console. The spirit may not come often, where the ghosts might be there continuously. If they stay around you, and are doing a lot of attention-getting behavior, they are most likely a ghost. Most of us have Spirit Guides, and often they are around us, but in a whole different, calm way.

Some are anonymous. We don’t know them, but they are in the spaces we move into, places we visit, or they see our light and, come to us for safety. In each case, they come for help. Remember, ghosts usually are not happy, and for good reason. Being kind and helpful will do wonders. If you are not trained to know: how, who, what and why, I suggest you pray and ask for help from a Higher Source. Most of the ghosts are trying to get our attention, and they do not always do it in a nice way…they are grumpy! They are lost in limbo, uncomfortable and, sometimes harassed by evil entities.

There are historical ghosts that are stuck in certain historical buildings, battle fields, ships, planes, and objects that are known historically.

There are child ghosts, who were dazed, or did not want to leave the parent who is grieving. They often feel guilty for the parent’s sadness and feel it was their fault. Children who are victims of crime, drugs, suicide, are often disoriented and confused. They can be playful and, mischievous. They may take objects and hide them, later bringing them back in unsuspected places. It is sad that many of the children today live in treacherous times. They need help to move on.

Another ghost is a living ghost. They are ghosts that appear right before a person passes. They can also appear when a person is in danger and needs help. People say that they” had this feeling,” or heard a voice. They may see that person, or someone who looks just them, only to find out a little later that something did happen to that individual.

There are ghosts who do not interact with anyone. The just walk around or do the same thing over and over, indifferent to your presence. They are lost.

Animal ghosts or spirits appear to their owners. They run through the house or need help, like humans. There are different looking ghosts, a little bit like the “Star Wars” scene. “My Father has many mansions” and, I know that is true.

Ghosts can be in ships, planes, cars, houses, buildings, land, animals, and people. There are balls of light called orbs. In my opinion, they are souls who newly passed and are protected. Vortexes are spiral energy pathways that will attract ghosts. A ghost will not be able to sustain its own energy, and will have to find a source to survive. It often tries to take possession, which is not a good thing for the host! I personally believe they contribute to much of the diseases and physical and mental imbalance that we have. Please do not let any ghost, or entity, come inside you or drain your vital source. Often, around ghosts, there are lower entities, such as demons, and worse, trying to feed off of their fear and despair. Most ghosts need help. Prayers do wonders. Asking God-forces to help them, and not being in fear, is a good place to be mentally. I do not recommend doing this alone if you have fear.

Not all unseen are good, loving and, want help

This writer has had a lot of experiences and stories. As a medium and healer, I have had the privilege to serve and help.Every once in a while, I watch a television show, where they are ghost hunting. I never quite understood why they have to go chasing, when it is right under their nose. But it makes for an interesting show. Shows where people tell their experiences are interesting. In my opinion, we need to understand what affects us. The more we understand what we have forgotten, the faster we know ourselves and why we are here.

In the next column, I will write on the non-human entities, protection, and how to get them out of your space. You may think that, if you avoid the subject, you are safe and keeping the negative force away. If you are worrying or in fear…it knows you!

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