We are not alone

I want to thank all of you who have written, and continue to ask for more information.

I have decided to write on the subject of ghosts, spirits, and entities. The spirit world is steeped in rituals, stories, and mystique. It is interesting that the phenomena of the “unseen,” are still a mystery after four billion years of our universe’s existence. How can worlds that co-exist with us on a daily basis, and are a part of everyone’s life, still be so scary, and unknown to so many people? Many people seem to be surprised to find out that we are not alone.

There are many cultures that have clearly defined ways of dealing with, and using the spirit world to help them, and to manipulate others. My intent here is to share information that I have learned over many years of doing healings, and being a medium and spiritual master in the esoteric schools. Esoteric means the “unseen,” or secret. The only reason it is a secret, is that the “unseen” is right in front of our nose, and we do not realize it.

In my opinion, this is one subject, where the more informed you are, the better off you will be. If an energy is affecting us, we have the right to know who, what, why, where, and when, because it will empower us to a better understanding that life is continuous, and everywhere. There are many of the “unseen” that serve mankind selflessly, and with out them, we would cease to exist, or be able to find our way blindfolded through this journey. We seem to have lost our memory and are amnesic to the multi-layers of life. This has put many of us at a disadvantage. You may not see or know about them, but they see and know about you! If there is anything scary about all of this, that is the part that should be scary.

There are those who have experienced encounters of ghosts, spirits, demons, low vibrations entities, nature entities, called elementals’, spirit guides, guardians, alien-looking beings, and near death experience during surgery, accident, or trauma, leaving body during sleep, or meditation. There are hosts of different kinds of entities. More and more people are awakening to the fact they have had experiences with spirits, ghosts and other entities. We really are not as alone as we might think. The material plane, and the astral plane, have been filled with all kinds of life forms ever since the universe was formed. All life is connected, and we are all one. We are just at different stages in this journey of learning our lessons.

A spirit, ghost, or entity may sill look like a form or body, but the form does not have material density. The form can change, and eventually does. The entities come in all shapes and sizes, and have different intentions. Some are friendly and helpful to the material world, while others may have different intentions. There are so many different kinds, it can resemble the bar scene from the movie “Star Wars,” or the most beautiful storybook version of heavenly beings. Entities can be curious and have a motive to trick you into giving them permission one way or another. There are spirits, guides, and family and friends, who have passed on and wish to visit, and give you information. I personally believe that there are many entities that are responsible for much of the disease, and accidents on the material plane.

Universal law governs how we interact with each other. Basically, trespassing is not permitted. Like in our world, there are those who obey these laws, and those who do not. Knowing that you can cast out entities by ordering them to leave, and to leave you alone, is important.

We are at the end of an age like no age before, so there are those entities that are desperate, and want to steal energy.They create stress and trespass, and are un-invited into your personal world. Remember, spirits, ghosts, and entities usually need your permission to interact with you. However that is not always the case during this particular time period.Some entities are just mischievous, and can be territorial of space and environments. Entities can come with the house you live in, or they can follow people and families from place to place, or even over lifetimes.

Entities are not bound by space, time, and form, like we are in the material world. Time can be quite different on the other side. We all co-exist, and we need to understand one another, and discern the same way that we would in our daily life. I know mediums, psychics, and a lot of people who call on the spirit world, intentionally or unintentionally.

Many people do not know, or have not qualified, who they call on. If you blindly call on a spirit in this day and age, I suggest you qualify exactly who you are inviting into your space. That door can stay open for a long time if you don’t close it. There are times you can just be somewhere, and something attaches to you for one reason or another. In my opinion, this is the time to know, not guess, or be taken by surprise.

My next column will be on the difference between a ghost and a spirit.

Enjoy Halloween, knowing that there are many wonderful versions of life in this Universe. You don’t have to invite everyone (entities) into your home (personal space) that comes “trick or treating.”


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