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If you are among those who feel they will not find the right relationship, feel stuck in the one you are in, have a serious or chronic health issue, are out of work or are unhappy at your job, trying to save your home, short on money to pay bills, feeling unappreciated, and not recognized for who you are, disappointed with perceived success and accomplishments, saddled with unhappy family, friends and relationships, low self-esteem, lost and unsure of life’s purpose, everything you try seems to not work out, fear because of world affairs or, just unhappy, you may feel discouraged and hopeless that things will never change.

Why would God want us to be alone and not find a partner, when this is a world of duality? The Creator is not “poor” nor does He “lack,” so why would the source want us to be without? There can only be one reason, the lesson within the obstacle or something we need to realize and heal. Introspection might reveal what needs to be done to attract the right person. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to magnetize the right person and what you really want. 

Many are feeling lost and discouraged today. It is an epidemic, as a result of change, that we are forced into. We are affected by the whole world. Feeling discouraged may be uncomfortable and cause suffering but, it is not all bad--the lost do get found. It forces us into searching for answers and making those changes. We will have to look at ourselves and the situation with honesty in order to find the solution. 

When we feel discouraged, we may think that we are alone, victimized, and that no one is listening or cares. We feel separated from the answers we need. Unfortunately, a lot of answers we listen to come from the wrong sources. We were not meant to be slaves, where freedom and choice is absent. Victims get victimized, and this is not what is meant for our lives. It boils down to control issues. Who has control over my life? 

I have a client who has been dealing with a “tough” cancer. From day one, she has been told by caregivers that she was going to die. There are many reasons why this is done: from fear that disease is incurable, lawsuits, ineffective treatments, financial, and one’s own belief system. Think about how discouraging it could be to tell people this unwanted and fearful message, one after another, day after day? Not only is the disease difficult, but wrapping one’s head around what they said, that they are already proclaiming you dead, makes it difficult to heal without some heavy mental readjustments. Those remarks go into the subconscious that controls the body. When disease or problems are believed to be more powerful than our ability to heal, then we have a problem! She has held her ground and fought being discouraged. She digs deep within her self and found courage of her own knowing. 

Who is in control? I may be crazy, but until I have a “tag on my toe,” and am not on life support, I am still alive. How can we believe in healing, and yet keep hearing that one is failing to heal in the same moment? You have to pick a side, by putting your attention on getting rid of the disease or the disease getting rid of you.


There are so many, who have to muster up courage, in order to face their problems. I had another client that was disabled from a car accident. People around her kept telling her that she is “broken.” She kept repeating that phrase. It is difficult to ignore all the negative programming that we take into our subconscious mind. We seem to get plenty of help with messages coming at us from all directions. We forget that if there is a problem, then there is a solution.

The reality is that I am the one who is going to decide how I handle my attitude and beliefs. Ego is about beliefs. We all have a High Self that is in charge of us, and it would be a great time to get connected to the Source, and tap into the true answers and knowledge. 

There is a family member that has done everything he knows to do, including the spiritual work. He is excellent in his field and is willing to be open minded. He is considerate and, wants the highest good for himself and others. He knows what he wants to accomplish, can be done. His challenge is real-estate and banking. I am sure many can relate to this problem. When we have to depend on others, to accomplish what we need to do, things do not always happen in the timing we hope for. It is easy from time to time, to get discouraged. He has surrendered and become unattached, if it is not the right path. His experience is, that it will happen. This is when trust and faith come in. It is often easier said than done, when payroll and expenses continue to pile up. Either something better is on the way, or it will get here and it’s a test of faith. We get what we think--Its a universal law. The delay may be to work out more details, or it involves other’s freewill and timing. Perseverance is when I need to know that I really, really want what I am asking for. I know good things will happen for him. He has done his part. 

With all of the stress, problems, and things changing, how do we stop suffering with limitation, discouragement, rules that micro-manage freedom? Stay away from the chatter telling you that you are going to fail. If you disagree with something or someone, be yourself, but seek what works. You have to go inside of yourself, connect to the source that is in you, and ask for the right answer. If you ask the right question, you will get the right answer. If you manifest from fear, then you will get fear. If you manifest from a higher level, you will have the solution, in spite of what others say, or what it looks like on the lower level. Looking to the outside world for your answers, and believing in that which teaches that you are weak, not in control of your universe, that there is no solution that is stronger than the problem, that you are meant to suffer and stay miserable… means that you have the wrong source! 

My personal answer for discourage is …leave out the “dis” and go with the courage.

Have a loving week. 

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