8 Most Powerful Tips on How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay


Imagine you have just finished school. You are idle with no job and doing nothing interesting. You may be staying at home passing time. Then you receive an email. You have won a scholarship. Just at the right time. You are extremely elated. Your life is getting meaning now. You jump up and down. You can’t wait to tell everyone.

Many scholarships are offered to students when they are about to finishing school. When applying for such scholarships, you write essays to convince the panel to offer you the scholarship. Many students apply for such. For you to emerge the winner, your application should be outstanding. The essay should tell the panel about your education and personal life. It should explain why you need the scholarship. Hence one should be very keen when writing such essays.

So, here are the key tips you need to follow.

1)     Who are you addressing?

Essays are addressed to a certain group of people. They may be intellectuals or professionals. When writing such essays, know who will read your essay. Professionals will require a deep understanding of what you are saying. Know what fields they are specialized in and explain in depth. If they are not professionals, then your wording will be different.

2)     What question are you answering?

Many scholarship applications involve answering questions. These questions help the panelists to know more about you. The way you answer such questions is very important. The answers determine your performance. Therefore before you write your essay, ensure you know the question. Then answer it as clearly as possible.

3)     Bring out your points clearly

When you are putting down your points be clear and to the point. Do not write long stories which do not have a clear meaning. Ensure your points are clearly explained and easy to understand.

When writing down your achievements, don’t tell but show us. Anyone can say they are good at doing something. However, show the panel how you used/ displayed that particular skill. This way the panel can see your skills in a practical way.

4)     Prepare

For you to succeed in anything preparation is key. Plan your work way ahead of time to avoid rush hours. A good essay has a format. This includes the introduction, body and the conclusion. Plan each of them well. The introduction should be captivating. Don’t use an obvious introduction that will put off the panel. Plan your points so that your body will clearly answer the question. Do these in advance so that you can have enough time to think through.

5)     Deliver the message

At the end of the essay, ensure your message has been delivered. Do not rewrite your resume while writing down your skills. However, use examples to explain them. For example, do not say you were attached to the IT department. Instead say you developed a software which was used for the greater good of the company. This shows how productive you were and how you were involved directly in the projects.

6)     Edit your work

After this, look through the question again. Then keenly read your essay and see if you have answered the question. Go through each point to ensure that it is in line with the question. You can read it out loud to see if it makes sense at all. This can make you rewrite the essay if you realize you have not done that. Experts at customessayorder.com urge students to spend enough time when editing to make sure that what they are submitting is what is needed.

7)     Proofread your work

Editing is different to proofreading. In editing, you can change the whole document but in proofreading you remove errors. When writing scholarship essays, your first write up will always have errors. Go through your essay thoroughly several times to clear out grammatical errors.

 If you are sure you have answered the essay, give it to a third party. This can be a family member or a teacher. They will see your essay from a different perspective and provide advice. They will also spot errors you may have overlooked. This is important because this can be used to disqualify you in case of many applications.

8)     Personalize your essay

Scholarship essays should give the panel more information about you, the writer. The panel should know a bit of information about you by the end of the essay. You want to convince them that you are the student they are looking for. Whatever objectives they have, convince them that you have an interest in them. That your unique interests are towards their goal.


Scholarship essays are probably the most important kind of essays. They just do not award you marks but they give you an opportunity. Therefore, they should be written in a very keen way. Ensure that you dedicate your time and skills to do your best. After all, when writing a successful essay, you will have gained extra writing skills. Sell yourself. Convince the panel to pick you over all the other applicants. Give your best!


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